Allowed for groups

2,5 h

STARTING TIME (according to sunset)

Autumn/Fall and Winter: 7:30 pm

Spring and Summer: 8:30 pm


Parador Nacional de las Cañadas del Teide HERE


A Teide sunset hike and stargazing experience is one of the greatest tours you can enjoy within Teide National Park. This excursion is totally different from any of the ones you can visit during the day. The tranquility left by the tourists who visit this area of
Tenerife during daytime joins a grate range of colors once the sun sets. Yellows first, then oranges to end up acquiring red and violet tones before merging into a sky so starry and clean that it will surprise you.

Our guided Teide sunset hike and stargazing tour begins at the front door of the Parador de Turismo de las Cañadas del Teide. During 2 hours and a half we will walk through one of the most unique and interesting spaces in Tenerife, leaving aside the Roques de García, ancient chimneys through which lava flowed that gave rise to a volcano that crowned the island approximately 180,000 years ago.

We will enjoy the vestiges of this volcano during the walk that will take us to discover not only several of the most common volcanic flows on the island, but we will also learn a little more in detail about the endemic flora and fauna of this area of the island.

After the hiking route, and with the help of a special stargazing laser, we will touch the stars. During the stargazing part of the tour we will interpret the firmament taking advantage of the benefits that the island offers us. After entering the Tenerife sky, there
will be time to have a small snack. We will end this afternoon and night tour of the Cañadas del Teide by returning to the Parador Nacional.

In short, the main objective will be to plant the seed of curiosity so that when you return home you can continue observing the firmament and discovering much more of the exciting third horizon.

This is a group activity. If you prefer to do only stargazing on El Teide with a telescope, check prices and availability here.

This path is of very low difficulty and suitable for everyone. During the tour, stops will be made to give explanations and contemplate the sky with the naked eye.
Keep in mind that to go up to the Teide National Park during activity hours there is no public transport so you will need to arrange your own transport.
From anywhere on the island it takes approximately 1 hour and a half to get to the Teide National Park. Plan your route by car well to arrive on time to the activity! Don’t worry if the rest of the island is cloudy, we will be above the clouds!
In case there is no visibility of the sky or the weather conditions do not allow the activity to be carried out. The amount will be refunded or exchanged for another date.

Warm clothing. VERY IMPORTANT! The temperature in the National Park at night
is low, in winter it is around 5ºC and in summer 15ºC. Trust us.
Sports shoes. The activity is very simple, even so, go with the appropriate clothing. It is advised not to go up to Teide in shorts or flip flops.
Water and some food (picnic style).


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The reservation cannot be canceled during the 48 hours prior to the activity. 100% of it will be charged when the service is already contracted.
The refund of 100% of the total amount of the reservation will be effective in the following cases:

  • • In case of canceling your reservation more than 2 days in advance.
  • • In cases of external force majeure (for example, weather) that prevent the provision of the service.
19,00  Taxes incl.
  • Adults: 19€
  • Kids (3-12 years): 12€
  • Prices include taxes (IGIC)


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